Liquor Liability Settlement

Marciano secured a $1 Million Dollar settlement for Dennis Fisher of Delaware County in a lawsuit for dram shop liability. After a driver was over-served alcohol at Duffers Pub and Cookies in Glen Mills, Delaware County while visibly drunk. After leaving the bar, he collided with a tree on a Chester County roadway. Mr. Fisher was a passenger in the car. Mr. Fisher was in a coma for 78 days. The driver’s blood alcohol content, BAC was more than 3 times the legal limit, .291. Stephen Nelson of Delaware County skipped town after being arrested and therefore the only means of recovery was from Duffers. The settlement was secured prior to filing a lawsuit and represented the entire amount of insurance coverage of the bar. A lawsuit had been threatened if the entire amount of the insurance policy was not paid to Mr. Fisher. This establishment was held liable for permanent brain damage suffered by Mr. Fisher.

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