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    Drunk Driving and Illegal Service of Alcohol to Visibly Intoxicated Patron: A 41-year-old single mother, Rochelle Gordon of two was seriously injured in a car accident in Philadelphia caused by a drunk driver and the bar, Irish Center, that over-served him alcohol. In the hours leading up to the accident, the drunk driver had drank numerous alcoholic drinks at a banquet hosted by a Philadelphia bar. The drunk driver had a blood alcohol level over 0.21%.

    Prior to trial the Kevin R. Marciano, Esquire and Patrick D. MacAvoy, Esquire of Marciano & MacAvoy successfully settled the case against both the bar and the drunk driver for a total of $335,000. Also, as is common practice for the attorneys at Marciano & MacAvoy in any liquor liability case, the terms of the settlement forced the defendants to make personal contributions to Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

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