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    Distracted Driving – $1,540,000 Recovery for Client Injured by Distracted Driver

    A 47-year-old husband and father of three was driving in the left lane of a two-lane street in West Chester, Pennsylvania when another driver in the right lane suddenly turned directly in front of him causing a collision on the busy street.  Our client suffered severe injuries including serious aggravation and exacerbation of prior neck conditions that caused him to undergo neck surgery after this collision.  

    It turned out the collision was caused by a distracted driving.  The other driver had been using a GPS while she was driving and tried to change lanes without even looking.  Our client was estimated to have suffered significant past lost wages and future earning capacity.  Further, in addition to the extensive medical treatment he has already undergone, our expert physician found his physical and work restrictions to be permanent and he will require continued medical care into the future.  

    We brought civil claims against the other driver as well as against our client’s own auto insurance carrier, USAA, for underinsured motorist’s benefits because the other driver did not have adequate insurance to compensate our client.  After extensive litigation, we obtained for our client a total settlement of $1,540,000 against the other driver and USAA.

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