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    Bicyclist Suffers Brain Injury When Struck by Negligent Driver

    A forty-two-year-old man was riding his bicycle when he was struck by a negligent driver operating a delivery truck delivering Sleepy’s mattresses in Radnor Township, Pennsylvania. He suffered a traumatic brain injury in addition to fractured ribs, fractured left humerus, chronic lower back pain, punctured left lung, right axillary vein non-occlusive thrombus, spinal injuries, friction burns and abrasions, a broken pinkie, neck injuries, anxiety, and depression. The bicyclist had the right of way when the truck driver, who was speeding and distracted by a GPS, ran a stop sign and struck the bicyclist. Sleepy’s and the transportation company that owned the truck negligently hired the truck driver, who had prior criminal convictions, vehicle accidents, and moving violations. There was also a six-foot-high fence on the homeowners’ property at the intersection that blocked the truck driver’s view and violated the township code and permit that limit fence height to four feet. During jury selection, Kevin Marciano and Pat MacAvoy successfully settled the case against all defendants for a total of $2,600,000.

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