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    A twenty-seven-year-old pregnant woman was walking across an unmarked crosswalk in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania when she was struck by a school bus and then trapped beneath one of the bus’ rear tires. As a result, the victim suffered extensive catastrophic injuries that would prove to be fatal. The victim was engaged to be married and she was three months pregnant with what would have been her first child. The victim’s parents suffered the terrible grief of dealing with their young daughter’s untimely death. In addition to the unimaginable fear and conscious pain and suffering the victim endured during the collision itself, an expert estimated the significant loss of future earnings.

    The school bus was a full-size, flat-nosed school bus owned by a nationally known school bus company. The bus, which was carrying no children, was on a training run and was being driven by a trainee driver with limited experience behind the wheel. Multiple eyewitnesses gave conflicting accounts, some of which blamed the victim for wearing headphones and a hood and not looking before crossing. However, Kevin Marciano and Pat MacAvoy were able to recover security video footage from nearby businesses which discredited those witnesses and showed that the victim had looked both ways and waited before crossing and that she was not wearing headphones or a hood and had her head up the whole time. Prior to trial Mr. Marciano and Mr. MacAvoy were able to obtain a $1,150,000 settlement against the school bus company.

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