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    Slip & Fall On Snow and Ice Ends Truck Driver’s Career

    A sixty-one-year-old husband, father of five, and grandfather of four was injured on the job while picking up a delivery at a Philadelphia warehouse because the warehouse failed to remove snow and ice from its lot. As a result of the warehouse’s conduct, the victim suffered serious injuries, including tears in his right shoulder which required surgery and extensive physical therapy and resulted in chronic pain and weakness.

    Before his injury, the victim had led an active life in both his employment and hobbies. He was dedicated to his career as a truck driver. He had received an award for driving over one million miles and he was on his way to logging two million miles before his career was cut short. In addition to the significant pain and suffering that he suffered during the incident itself and the pain and suffering and loss of life’s pleasures he has suffered thereafter, experts stated that the victim suffered total economic damages in the approximate range of $639,544 to $665,226.

    The warehouse is the largest cocoa bean storage company in North America. The warehouse did nothing to address the thick snow and ice buildup in the lot even though it knew people like the victim would be walking in the lot. Prior to trial Kevin Marciano and Pat MacAvoy were able to obtain a favorable settlement against the warehouse.

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