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    Recovered a Settlement for Our Client Who Was a Victim of Medical Malpractice

    Our client, a fifty-four-year-old husband and father, was referred to an ophthalmologist after his treating eye doctor noticed that a long-time spot on his eye may have grown in size. This specialist doctor advised our client that there was a 30% chance that the spot in his eye would transform into melanoma. The doctor told him this even though she had written a peer-reviewed article stating there was at most a 13% chance, and as a little as a 0% chance, that such a condition would transform into cancerous melanoma. Our client, of course, did not know that. Under the law, a doctor needs to provide all the know risks and complications of a surgical procedure. And so our client took the doctor’s recommendation to have surgery on his eye to remove the spot. After the surgery, the condition was found to be benign, meaning there was no chance the condition could have turned into cancer.

    Not only did our client undergo an unnecessary surgery, but as a result of the surgery he developed a severe condition known as acute diplopia. The condition is permanent, and forced him to retire from his profession – dentistry – and prevented him from doing many of the daily activities we all take for granted due to his seriously impaired eyesight. After extensive litigation and before trial, we were able to obtain a favorable settlement against the doctor.

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