Police Officer Sustains Serious Injuries Responding To Call

A fifty-two-year-old police officer suffered a nearly career-ending injury responding to a call of an unwanted person at an assisted living facility in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. The assailant’s mother was a resident at the facility. The assailant, upset with his mother’s care, was irate and belligerent and was threatening the staff. Three police officers arrived and went to speak with the assailant. Almost immediately, the assailant grabbed one of the officers and yelled at him. A hands-on physical struggle ensued and resulted in the victim suffering a left patellar tendon rupture and tear of his lateral meniscus, as well as a tear in his right pinky finger. These injuries required surgeries to his knee and hand and extensive physical therapy.

The victim, who is married with three daughters, was completely out of work for a total of ten-and-a-half months. According to experts, he lost wages in the approximate amount of nearly $100,000 and would require future medical care of approximately $30,000 to $50,000. Prior to trial Kevin Marciano and Pat MacAvoy were able to obtain a favorable settlement against the assailant for his violent and egregious lack of self-control.

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