Failure to Diagnose Rectal Cancer Lawsuit Ends in Beneficial Settlement

The medical malpractice attorneys of Marciano & MacAvoy, P.C. have secured a favorable settlement for another client. In this case, our client suffered from rectal cancer, which his own doctor failed to diagnose. To make matters worse, our client asked several times for his doctor to approve a colonoscopy to check for cancer or other issues, but he was denied again and again.

We are proud to have secured a favorable settlement on his behalf and compensation for his damages.

Our client – 42-year-old man who is a husband and father of 11 total children – began to suffer from rectal bleeding in 2008. Upon seeing his primary care doctor, bloodwork was conducted along with a digital rectal exam. The diagnosis was only hemorrhoids, but our client felt something was wrong. He requested a colonoscopy, which his doctor refused.

Across the next three years, our client continued to suffer from rectal bleeding, stomach pains, and other similar gastrointestinal concerns. Even after our client’s doctor performed more rectal exams that resulted in bloodied gloves, he still insisted it was only hemorrhoids and still refused to approve a colonoscopy.

It was not until 2014 that our client was officially diagnosed with stage IIA rectal cancer. Due to his doctor’s failure to diagnose – or even consider rectal cancer being a possibility – the cancer was allowed to develop for years unchecked. Surgery was needed to address the rectal cancer. Our client today needs to live with a colostomy bag and his wife must act as a caretaker for him.

Strangely, the doctor’s defense centered on a total denial of the existing doctor-patient relationship. The defendant was unable to produce office records for our client between 2010 and 2011. The medical records that were produced made no mention of our client suffering any sort of rectal condition, be it cancer or otherwise.

Our attorneys had to fight an uphill battle against a defending medical provider who seemed intent on denying ever treating our client. Regardless of the case’s difficulties, we successfully navigated it on behalf of our client and secured a beneficial settlement.

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