Traveling Tips for the Quadriplegic

The holidays are just around the corner, meaning that many individuals will be traveling to spend time with their loved ones. Those with certain physical disabilities, such as quadriplegia, will most likely be traveling as well.

This may be one of your first travel trips as a quadriplegic, or it could be your first experience traveling with a loved one who is paralyzed. To help make the process a little bit easier, we want to provide some tips to boost your confidence as you hit the road for the holidays.

Get Your Vehicle Checked Beforehand

Make sure the driver checks the entire vehicle before hitting the road. This means ensuring that the tires, brakes, hand-controls, turn signals, wheelchair lockdown, and AC/heater are in proper working order.

Because some maintenance may require you to take the vehicle to a shop, always do this step with plenty of time to make a car appointment. If your vehicle breaks down, call your shop back home and they should be able to recommend a trusted nearby car shop for repairs.

Check Accessibility of All Stops

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires public places to provide specific accommodations for those with disabilities; this includes businesses that serve the general public. While this is the law of the land, don’t assume that every place you go will have the accommodations you need.

Always call to verify that each place you are stopping is accessible for your needs, such as for the use of a wheelchair.

Call for Overnight Stays

If you plan on staying at a hotel, call when booking your room. Tell the agent that you have a disability and if you use a wheelchair. They will ask about your needs regarding the bathroom and should accommodate you based on your needs. You should remember to bring your disability placard with you so that you can easily get from the vehicle to your room.

We hope that these tips help you and your family during your holiday travels. Remember that if you or a loved one sustained a catastrophic injury that led to paralysis, our catastrophic injury attorneys are here to help you. We will help determine how your accident occurred and fight for your full financial recovery.

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