Fisher-Price Warns Parents to Stop Using the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper After 10 Babies Die

Both the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Fisher-Price issued warnings to consumers about the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper “due to reports of death when infants roll over in the product.” The warning specifically asks parents to cease using the product by the time their babies reach three months, the age in which most infants first learn to roll over, “or as soon as an infant exhibits rollover capabilities.”

In a statement, the government safety commission said 10 deaths have been reported since 2015. According to the commission, the deaths occurred when “the infants rolled from their back to their stomach or side, while unrestrained.” All 10 deaths involved infants 3 months or older. Although Fisher-Price already warned consumers about the dangers associated with the product, “the reported deaths show that some consumers are still using the product when infants are capable of rolling and without using the three point harness restraint.”

No product recalls have been mentioned by Fisher-Price. Instead, Fisher-Price’s statement said:

“To ensure a safe sleep environment for infants, we remind parents and caregivers to follow all safety warnings included with the product. Always use the provided restraints, always place infants on their backs to sleep, and make sure that no pillows, blankets, or extra padding are placed in the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper.”

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