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Manufacturers have a strict duty to use reasonable care in designing, manufacturing and marketing their products. Consumer goods should work as intended, while reducing the risk of personal harm as much as possible. Moreover, consumer businesses are required to warn consumers clearly of a product’s potential risks.

Can You File A Product Liability Lawsuit?

Our nation’s product liability laws are clear: consumers have a right to the safest products possible. Despite these strong legal protections, thousands of consumers are injured every year by defective products that were sold without adequate warnings. In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission says that product defects cost the United States over $1 trillion annually. Many of these expenses come to burden individual accident victims, who can be saddled by extraordinary medical expenses, pain and suffering.

Defective Ladder Recalls & Lawsuits

Nearly every homeowner in America owns at least one ladder. Many of us rely on these tools every day, without any thought to how dangerous ladders can be. In reality, consumer ladders are a leading cause of personal injury, contributing to more than double the accidents caused by table saws. A significant proportion of these debilitating accidents come down to product defects.

No company holds more power in the global ladder market than Werner, a company based in Greenville, Pennsylvania. Werner is the leading manufacturer of ladders, step stools, scaffolding and fire escapes in the United States, raking in over $535 million in revenue every year.

Many homeowners, however, say that Werner’s design and manufacturing practices are inadequate. In fact, hundreds of people have filed lawsuits against Werner, claiming the company’s ladders are defective. A major class action, for example, was leveled against Werner in 2013, which said the company had failed to recall its popular Steel Easy Access Attic Ladder – even after years of serious injury reports.

As Products Liability Law Daily reports, consumers accused Werner of knowingly using defective hinges to construct the attic ladder, creating an unreasonable risk of injury. While Werner continues to deny these allegations, the company agreed to settle the case, offering every class member a new ladder.

Marciano & MacAvoy Secure $7.15 Million Settlement For Ladder Fall Victim

The plaintiff in this matter fell from a ladder after the extended section suddenly retracted downward. The injuries were catastrophic and included incomplete quadriplegia. The plaintiffs alleged that defective design caused the retraction that lead to the fall and subsequent injuries. Marciano & MacAvoy secured a pre-trial settlement with the manufacturers of the ladder for $7,150,000.

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