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03 August 2018

Our Media Personal Injury Lawyers Take A Trip To Ridley Creek State Park

While the Philadelphia metro area may be one of the largest in the country, there is plenty of nature to experience outside of the city and suburbs. Located just 16 miles from Center City Philadelphia, Ridley Creek State Park is a sprawling 2,600+-acre park full of natural woodlands and meadows. This park also features a wide array of outdoor activities, facilities, historical sites, and environmental education programs. Our Media personal injury lawyers love taking family trips here to escape the city and get back in touch with the serenity of nature.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoors enthusiasts will find plenty of ways to enjoy themselves at Ridley Creek State Park:

  • Hiking or mountain biking along 12 miles of trails
  • Fishing in trout-stocked Ridley Creek
  • Riding horseback on a 4.7-mile equestrian path
  • Seasonal archery deer hunting
  • Cross-country skiing and tobogganing during the winter

We love Ridley Creek State Park because it’s a great place to visit year-round. Both warm-weather and cold-weather outdoors activities are available here. Our favorite times to come here are during the full bloom of spring and summer or after a fresh snowfall during the winter. A trip in early fall is also well worth it, as the trees begin to change colors and transform the park into a colorful autumn wonderland.

Hunting Hill Mansion

If you’re looking for an outdoor venue for a wedding or other special event, we think Ridley Creek State Park’s Hunting Hill Mansion is a fine choice. This English country manor was originally built in 1789 as a Pennsylvania stone farmhouse. In 1915, the Jeffords family made additions to the original structure. This structure has influenced the architectural style of the entire park, with the same gray stone facade being repeated for various structures all over the park.

The original owners of Hunting Hill Mansion maintained roughly 2,000 acres of lawn and forest throughout the park. This property included a few formal gardens, horse stables, and trails, which are still visible today. Weddings and special events have a maximum capacity of 150 people. Facilities available for guests include:

  • Bridal suite
  • Grand staircase
  • Living room area
  • First-floor ballroom
  • Restrooms

Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation

Ridley Creek State Park offers the chance to learn all about colonial Pennsylvania history with a visit to the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation. Here, you can learn about what life was like on a Delaware County Farm before the Revolutionary War. The plantation continues to operate as a working farm today, 300 years after its founding. Visitors will be able to watch as a farm family cooks over an open hearth, preserves food, processes textiles, tends to field crops, and conducts other chores and daily activities from the 18th century.

Environmental Education Programs

From April until November, Ridley Creek State Park hosts a large selection of interpretive and environmental education programs. Participants can engage in hands-on activities, historical tours, guided nature walks, and volunteer trail maintenance program. These programs help teach an appreciation of nature and encourage community participation in helping keep Delaware County’s natural areas beautiful. They also have youth programs for schools, boy and girl scouts, and other youth organizations.

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