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10 January 2018

History Lessons At The Museum Of The American Revolution

If you’re a buff for American Revolution history, there’s no city with more attractions and history than Philadelphia. All across the country, school children learn how the foundations of American democracy were formed here. Our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers love learning about colonial days and how a group of revolutionaries was inspired to rebel against the British and forge the foundations of a new nation. The Museum of the American Revolution is a great place to learn all about the Revolution, from the years leading up to it until the final victory of the war and signing of the Declaration of Independence. A few of our favorite exhibits here include:

Among His Troops: Washington’s War Tent in a Newly Discovered Watercolor

This limited run exhibit presents a recently discovered 235-year-old, seven-foot watercolor painting which depicts the 1782 Continental Army encampment, including the only known wartime artistic representation of General Washington’s headquarters tent. This original tent is also on display in the Museum of the American Revolution.

In the painting, hundreds of military tents are scattered across the rolling hills of the lower Hudson Valley. Washington’s headquarters are shown atop a hill rising in the middle of the scene, including the famous tent that he lived in through the Revolution.

The painting is displayed alongside other works of art, weapons, and artifacts which help provide context from the period. There are also hands-on activities, gallery talks, and public lectures. This exhibit will be running from January 13 through February 19.

The Road to Independence

This exhibit focuses on the decade leading up to the American Revolution, and the conditions that eventually caused British subjects to rebel against the Crown. Visitors begin their journeys by interacting with a massive interactive map of North America. You’ll learn about the different groups of Native Americans, Europeans, and African slaves who lived in the future United States during the colonial days.

Next, visitors will learn how unrest over “American liberties” developed due to opposition to laws like the Stamp Act, Townsend Duties, and Intolerable Acts. Additionally, the exhibit discusses how printing and propaganda played a role in bringing about the Revolution.

The Darkest Hour

The Darkest Hour exhibit is a journey into the difficulties faced by revolutionaries during the war. It features a floor-sized map of the war’s campaign in New York, which is surrounded by various original artifacts from these battles. You can also design your own soldier’s uniform and learn how soldiers engraved mottos on their equipment.

Other highlights of the Darkest Hour exhibit include:

  • Women and the War – In this section, you can gain insight into what life was like for the wife of a soldier by reading through an authentic diary which details the wartime experience. You’ll also learn how Independence Hall was once used as a prison for American officers and barracks for British soldiers during 1777’s British occupation of Philadelphia.
  • Oneida Nation Gallery – The Oneida Indian Nation left the ancient Iroquois Confederacy to fight with the Americans. In this gallery, you can stand with life-sized replicas of Oneida Nation members and listen to their debate over this difficult decision.
  • Battlefield Theater – This theater experience shows you what it was like when the British infantry attacked at the Battle of Brandywine.
  • Winter at Valley Forge – Learn about the brutal conditions soldiers and their families survived while encamped at Valley Forge in the winter of 1777-1778.

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