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Drunk Driving Lawsuits in Pennsylvania

If a drunk driver’s erratic driving caused an accident that injured you or took the life of a family member, you may have a claim for compensation against that driver. In addition, you may have a Dram Shop Claim against the bar or restaurant that served alcohol to that driver if he or she was underage or obviously intoxicated before leaving, getting in a car and entering traffic. You can read a more detailed outline on Server Liability, as presented by Kevin Marciano, Esq. to SADD, here.

Marciano & MacAvoy has obtained numerous million dollar settlements on behalf of injured clients in drunk driving accident lawsuits, including:

  • $12,700,000 Awarded for family of 3 killed by a drunk driver in Bethlehem Township while on their way home from a funeral. Prior to trial, Marciano & MacAvoy successfully settled the case for the families against the various establishments that served the driver more than 30 drinks before he got behind the wheel.
  • $4,300,000 Recovery in a liquor liability case that Kevin Marciano settled on behalf of a client who suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury while riding as a passenger in a car driven into a tree by her drunk husband.
  • $1,000,000 Settlement in a lawsuit for Dram Shop Liability for a client who was in a coma for 78 days after a driver was over served alcohol at 2 bars in Delaware County while visibly drunk.

To Learn more about some of our recent case results, read our VERDICTS AND SETTLEMENTS. For more on Pennsylvania Liquor Liability Laws, click here.

Who Is Liable For Injuries Caused By A Drunk Driver

Proving fault in a dram shop case can be complex and challenging. Development of a dram shop claim against a bar or restaurant owner after a drunk driving accident is a job for an experienced attorney. Discuss your injury, your accident and background information that might point to a dram shop claim as a source of compensation. You and your family are likely to face significant needs, expenses and losses such as:

  • Medical Bills
  • Therapy & Rehabilitation
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Home Remodeling to Accommodate Disability
  • Wheelchair-ready Van
  • Funeral and burial expenses in the case of a fatality
  • Lost wage replacement

Drunk Driving Accident Victims Have Rights

If you were seriously injured in a drunk driving accident, discuss the possibility of a dram shop claim with one of our drunk driving attorneys. Initial consultations are free, and if we accept your case, we will do so on a contingency basis. Call 610-566-6500 or 855-910-HURT (4878) or e-mail Marciano & MacAvoy, P.C., to schedule a consultation.

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