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18 June 2018

Iowa Jury Awards Family $29.5M In Contrast Dye Death Case

The family of an Iowa woman who died during a CT scan in 2015 has been awarded $29.5 million in medical malpractice compensation, the Des Moines Register reports. The woman’s tragic death, a state court jury for Sioux County heard, was due to the administration of a contrast dye, something she was allergic to. She went into anaphylactic shock, lost consciousness and eventually expired.

Iowa Family Secures $29.5M In Wake Of Mother’s Death

Contrast dyes, usually based on iodine, are frequently injected before patients undergo CT scans or x-rays to help illuminate various body structures and tissues for diagnostic imaging. However, many people are allergic to iodine, a fact that doctors who wish to use a contrast dye must confirm prior to administration.

Doctor Reading CT Scan

Dr. Roy Slice, the physician responsible for the decedent’s care, gave her Benadryl to reduce the inflammation, but failed to properly evaluate her condition, attorneys for the family said at trial. Dr. Slice, the lawyers argued, failed to take the woman’s vital signs immediately, while neglecting to administer a shot of epinephrine, a hormone that can reverse the effects of severe allergic reactions.

Failure To Administer Epinephrine

In their verdict, the jury agreed with the plaintiff family’s attorneys, holding that Dr. Slice had been negligent in administering medical care. “The family is so thankful that the jury discovered the truth of what really happened,” says plaintiffs’ attorney Nicholas Rowley. “No amount of money is ever going to bring her back, but a verdict like this will make sure that medical providers in the future don’t let something like this happen again,” Rowley continued.

The jury awarded $1.5 million in compensation to reimburse the woman’s estate for the pain and suffering she had suffered prior to her death. Awards of $5.5 million will be distributed to each one of her four children for loss of parental consortium. A $6 million award has been granted to her husband.

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