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Medical Career Ended From Surgical Complications

I was a  doctor and had eye surgery.  My doctor never told me about all the complications.  Of course, after the surgery, I was diagnosed with a complication that  I was not informed of.  It prevented me from continuing as a doctor.   I had to give up my practice.  Kevin was able to sue the doctor and obtain a favorable result to help compensate me for my losses.

Client Injured In Fall From Ladder

Kevin and Pat represented me in my fall off a ladder.   I was injured in 2009 and we did not resolve my case for 8 years.  There were a lot of up and downs but Kevin and Pat got me through them. Since I was paralyzed from the neck down ( with some limited movement of my arms), my whole life changed.  The money I received will let me live in a place where I can move and get around.  Also, while I am still badly injured, I know I will not have to worry about money again.  Thank you for everything.

Single Parent Mother of 3 killed by Drunk Driver

Mr. Marciano represented me as a personal representative of the estate of a single parent mother. The mother was killed by a drunk driver and left behind three small children. Mr. Marciano sued the bar and the drunk driver. He was able to recover all the money that was available. I was very pleased with his handling of the matter and would recommend him to others.

Client Injured By Drunk Driver, West Chester, PA

After been paralyzed from the neck down because of a drunk driver, Kevin Marciano was my last hope. Kevin fought very hard for me and keep me advised of every aspect of the case. Because of the settlement, I am living on a home that I purchased rather than in a nursing home. I have some of my life back. Thank you for all of your help, Kevin.

Parents of Child Injured During Birth

My child was injured during childbirth. Kevin was with me every step of the way during the lawsuit. I wanted to make certain that my injured child was taken care of when she became an adult. When the doctor refused to settle, Kevin took him to court. When we arrived to pick a jury, Kevin negotiated a favorable settlement and spared us going to trial. Even after the case was settled, Kevin made arrangements for me to meet with a settlement planner so the money he obtained would be put in the right place.

Lambros Economides, Esq. of Economides & Economides, Wayne, PA

My law firm did not handle medical malpractice. My firm referred the client to Kevin. The client had been injured as a result of a doctor’s negligence. Kevin kept us apprised of every aspect of the litigation. When the doctor would not settle the case, Kevin took the case to trial and obtained a million dollar plus verdict.

Medical Malpractice Victim Pursues Legal Action Against Surgeon

I referred one of my existing business clients to Kevin.  My client had been injured during surgery and had to give up his business.  Kevin sued the surgeon and was able to obtain a favorable result.   I was advised of every aspect of the case. I will continue to send medical malpractice cases to Kevin. –    Hudson Voltz, Esquire –   Chester County, PA



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