14 December 2017

Business Formation: Why Form An S-Corporation

Businesses come in many shapes and sizes – from one-person start-ups to multi-level corporations. Each type has its own costs and benefits, but if you are the owner of a general partnership or sole proprietorship your personal assets remain unprotected. As discussed at www.reichertlegal.com, it is important to limit your liability as a company.

As a general partner, or sole-proprietor of a small business you remain personally liable for your company – which leaves your personal possessions open to creditors who may seek a claim against your business. So what can a business owner do to protect their own assets – their car, home, bank account, and more?

Incorporating your business as an S-Corporation offers limited liability protection and prevents your personal assets from being seized in case the business doesn’t do well, or incurs a debt. In addition to this protection S-Corps ensure the safety and continuity in case of an owner or partner death – like all corporations S-Corps continue perpetually.

In addition, small businesses formed as an S-Corp are taxed more closely to partnerships than businesses incorporated under the more-common C-Corp structure. Where C-Corps have their income taxed twice, S-Corps are taxed using “pass-through taxation”. This means the profits are taxed only at the shareholder level, instead of being taxed again at the corporate level.

Forming an S-Corp is the ideal solution for many small business owners looking to form a business while protecting themselves in the process.

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