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04 June 2018

Atlanta Dancing Doctor Faces Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

In public videos posted on YouTube, Atlanta-area dermatologist Dr. Windell Boutté rapped, danced and sang her way to national notoriety. Against the dictates of common sense, the board-certified dermatologist presented herself in 20 separate videos, singing and bobbing as she cut into surgical patients and prepared surgical instruments.

Former Patients Sue Dancing Doctor Over Malpractice Claims

Nurses twerked in front of nitrous oxide tanks; Dr. Boutté rapped to her own versions of dancefloor hits like Migos’ “Bad and Boujee.” When the story of Dr. Boutté’s surgical center “entertainment” broke, she became an object of mockery and derision, quickly deleting the videos from her clinical practice’s YouTube page. But the dermatologist is now facing more serious repercussions, as multiple patients have filed medical malpractice lawsuits, CNN reports.

Attorney Susan Witt is representing three women in cases against Dr. Boutté. Her clients say they suffered severe injuries due to operations performed by the dermatologist. And nearly 100 other women have similar stories to tell.

Cosmetic Surgeon With Patients

Witt says she’s been contacted by dozens of women over the last week, complaining about Dr. Boutté’s practice. Some are simply unhappy with the results of their surgeries, but others say they suffered serious post-surgical complications. One woman claims to have suffered “catastrophic” brain damage after Dr. Boutté allegedly botched an elective surgery.

Atlanta Woman Files Suit After “Catastrophic” Brain Damage

In 2016, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes, Icilma Cornelius went to Dr. Boutté’s cosmetic surgical clinic, the Premiére Aesthetic Center in Lilburn, Georgia. Cornelius was preparing for her wedding day, and the 54-year-old was in line to receive Botox.

But during her consultation, Boutté’s staff suggested she opt for a more drastic procedure, something to flatten her stomach. Cornelius consented. During the eight-hour surgery, Cornelius’ heart stopped, but the clinic was unequipped to handle a medical emergency.

When paramedics arrived, they found that Dr. Boutté’s elevator was too narrow for their stretcher; Cornelius had to be taken down the stairs. Emergency personnel were able to save Cornelius’ life, but they couldn’t prevent her from suffering severe brain damage.

Plaintiffs Say Georgia Cosmetic Surgeon Hires Unlicensed Staff, Cuts Corners

CNN-affiliated HLN has found records to indicate that at least 5 malpractice suits are already pending against Dr. Boutté. The doctor has paid out $3 million in compensation to patients within the last 8 months.

In these and other lawsuits, attorneys like Susan Witt argue that Dr. Boutté hires unqualified staff members, coerces patients into undergoing serious surgeries without adequate information and operates a health clinic that is unfit for major procedures.

There is no indication that Dr. Boutté asked her patients for consent to distribute videos of their unclothed bodies.

It’s not at all clear that Boutté has a history of telling the truth. On her website, the doctor describes herself as “board certified in both surgery and dermatology.” But the Atlanta Journal-Constitution says that’s a lie. Dr. Boutté is a board-certified dermatologist, but she’s not certified in plastic or general surgery. Nor is her surgical suite licensed as an operating room or surgery center, the paper writes. Attorneys say Boutté’s clinic did not have equipment to monitor variations in a patient’s breathing.

Is Georgia’s Medical Board Failing Patients?

Some critics have also taken issue with the Georgia Composite Medical Board, the body that reviews and licenses doctors in the State. Reporters from HLN have found that Georgia’s medical board learned of Dr. Boutté’s allegedly unsafe surgical practices in early-2016, through a complaint filed by another physician.

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