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The average American will be involved in a car accident every 18 years and while some of these are simple “fender benders” where no one is injured, many car accident victims are unable to walk away from the scene of the accident. Instead, they are rushed to the hospital where they will be diagnosed with one or more serious injuries that may impact them for their rest of their lives.

The medical expenses that are linked to these car accident injuries can be astronomical, leaving many victims with debt they simply can’t afford. In fact, many will forgo the medical care they so desperately¬†need because it is simply too expensive.

Our legal team believes no one should have to choose between their health and their bills, which is why we fight aggressively for compensation for those who have been hurt in a car accident. When a client comes to us, we take the time to fully review their case, speak with the insurance companies, collect additional evidence, file the necessary paperwork, and then take the matter to court. Our goal is to obtain full compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and physical and emotional trauma.

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Going to work is just a routine part of most people’s lives, however, that routine can be suddenly broken when an accident results in a serious injury. No industries are safe from workplace accidents and the injuries sustained can be very expensive to treat.independence hall in queen village

Workers’ compensation insurance was created to protect both injured workers and their employers. When an employee is hurt on the job, the insurance is supposed to cover their medical expenses and a small portion of their lost wages. In return, their employer is kept safe from a work injury lawsuit. But the system isn’t perfect and despite the fact that this insurance is “no-fault”, claims are denied regularly by companies that are attempting to save money.

An experienced workplace accident lawyer can help an injured worker get the coverage and compensation that they need. Our legal team is able to help from the moment a worker is injured with the initial paperwork. If a denial has already been issued, we can assist the applicant through the appeals process. While reviewing the workers’ comp claim, we can also determine if our client is eligible for a work injury lawsuit against a third party which can also provide them with the compensation that they so desperately need.

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When someone becomes ill, the last thing they should be worried about is whether or not their doctor or other medical professional is making the right decisions regarding their treatment. But sadly, so many medical malpractice cases have been made public that patients are often worried about just that.

Our firm has helped clients who were hurt due to:

  • prescription errors
  • surgical mistakes
  • misdiagnosis
  • the failure to diagnose
  • birth mistakes

In each case, a medical professional caused our client harm which put their life on the line. Through legal action, our team helped our clients recover compensation which helped to make their future a healthier and more comfortable one.

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