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Welcoming a new child into a family is one of the most memorable and joyous times in a parent’s life. Although the advances made in medicine have made childbirth a much more comfortable and safe experience, there are still serious risks involved for both mother and child, which is why it’s so important for all medical professionals involved to make the right decisions.

Unfortunately for some, mistakes during birth happen all too often. When this happens, the life of the newborn may be changed forever.

Our law firm represents clients whose children were hurt and who ultimately sustained:

  • brain damage
  • broken bones
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Erb’s Palsy
  • Brachial Plexus Injuries

and other birth injuries. Our goal is to make sure that the family obtained the compensation they need to care for their child and provide them with the best future possible. We do this by collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, reviewing medical records, and then using what we have discovered to present our client’s case.

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Work is where many Philadelphians spend the majority of their week. Given how much time is spent there, it’s easy for the environment to feel safe, even if hidden dangers and safety issues surround employees.

Sadly, many employees will become the victims of a work accident each year which leaves them with serious injuries that need extensive medical care. Although employers are required by law to have a workers’ comp insurance policy, insurance companies are always looking for loopholes which allow them to deny coverage and save the company money. This results in many injured workers desperately trying to figure out how to get their medical bills paid while they are already trying to handle physical and emotional trauma.

Our experienced and dedicated lawyers believe no injured worker should have to suffer financially because their workers’ comp claim was denied. We are familiar with all of the ins and outs of workers’ comp and also the common arguments that insurance companies try to use to deny a claim. Not only can we help before the initial application is submitted but we can also assist with the appeals process and represent our client at any hearings.

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Were you or a loved one involved in a car crash which left you seriously hurt? Our legal team understands how stressful and confusing this time is – it seems like just one visit to the hospital and the insurance companies are claimig that the policy is already maxed out. So where can an accident victim turn to for help?

Car accident lawsuits are common for a very good reason – victims require funds to cover their ongoing medical care. Our law firm has helped hundreds of people obtain the compensation they need for both past and future medical expenses, lost wages, physical pain and suffering, and sometimes even emotional trauma.

In the worst cases, where the victim has passed away because of their injuries, we assist their loved ones with recovering compensation which will help them to pay for funeral and burial expenses, the loss of a contributing income, the loss of inheritance, and other losses.

Our legal team combines our knowledge, passion for the law, and experience to negotiate the best settlement possible or, if the client wishes, to fight for their rights in court. Although most lawsuits end with a settlement agreement, we prepare each case from the very beginning for court so that we are fully prepared and so that our client is fully prepared.

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