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Outside of doctors, most people don’t think about their brain that frequently and how much they depend on it to function, until they’ve been in an accident which causes a brain site where workplace injury happened

When damage to the tissue of the brain occurs, it can impact a patient’s ability to speak, smell, see, move, and can even change their personality or impact their memory. Although doctors have made great strides in medicine, once the brain is damaged, that damage is often permanent.

The treatments required for accident victims who have sustained a brain injury are usually very expensive. In fact, over a lifetime, it’s not uncommon for patients with a brain injury to require more than $3 million in medical care. How can anyone afford this care, even with health insurance?

Our legal team understands how stressful and scary being diagnosed with a brain injury is and the impact it can have not only on the life of the victim but also on their loved ones, and we want to help. Our goal is to make sure that the person or party whose negligence caused the victim harm is held legally responsible and that our clients are awarded the compensation that they need.

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Although there are certain industries that are much more dangerous than others, anyone can suddenly become the victim of a work accident which causes them harm. This is why the law requires employers to obtain workers’ compensation insurance coverage for all employees.

Workers’ comp is supposed to protect both employers and employees because once a claim is filed, the employee cannot file a personal injury lawsuit against the employer. In return, the employee’s medical bills are supposed to be paid but sadly, the insurance companies don’t always pay. In fact, a large percentage of workers’ comp claims are denied and often for something as simple as a small mistake made on a claim form.

Our legal team has helped hundreds of injured workers and we can help you. Together, we can file the correct paperwork, seek to appeal a denial, and prepare for a hearing before the Workers’ Comp Board. Then, our attorneys will represent you during the hearing and fight for your rights.

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Each year there are thousands of accidents which would have never occurred if an intoxicated driver had just made a different decision instead of getting behind the wheel of their car. The victims of these accidents are often seriously injured and many of them don’t survive, leaving shocked loved ones behind to mourn and to try and figure out how to move forward with their lives.

At Marciano Legal, we do our best to make sure that intoxicated drivers are held legally responsible for the damage and pain that they have caused. Our experienced legal team helps the victims and their loved ones pursue legal action in the form of a drunk driving lawsuit or wrongful death lawsuit.

This lawsuit gives the plaintiffs a chance to recover full monetary compensation for losses such as physical trauma, emotional distress, medical bills, lost earnings, funeral and burial expenses, lost income, lost inheritance, and the loss of consortium. We support our clients throughout the entire process and are happy to answer any questions that may come up.

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