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Each day, patients put their health and lives in the hands of medical professionals who have sworn an oath to do everything they can to cure and provide comfort to those who are ailing. The problem is that these doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals make mistakes.

Examples of medical malpractice include:

  • surgical mistakessnowy day in philadelphia
  • prescription errors
  • dosage errors
  • misdiagnosis
  • failure to diagnose
  • birth injuries

When med mal occurs, not only does the patient suffer from the actual error but the mistake may allow the medical condition to progress. In the most extreme cases, the patient dies.

Our legal team has helped thousands of medical malpractice victims and their loved ones secure the compensation that they need to pay for ongoing medical care, lost wages, and the suffering they have endured. We do this by carefully reviewing the case, collecting evidence, building the case, preparing the client, and then either carefully negotiating a settlement or taking the case to trial.

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Did you know that on average, before a drunk driver is caught, they get behind the wheel of a vehicle around 80 times? Then, when they are finally caught, it’s usually because they have caused an accident involving another vehicle.

The impact of a drunk driving accident can cause serious injuries including:

  • bone fractures
  • traumatic brain injury
  • amputations
  • spinal damage
  • lacerations
  • burns

In most cases, the victims sustain several of these serious injuries and the cost to treat each one individually can be astronomical, let alone if the patient has more than one. Although car insurance does provide coverage for medical expenses, the insurance companies will only pay until the policy limits and once that limit has been reached, they stop paying. Then, the victims often have no choice but to pursue a drunk driving lawsuit.

A lawsuit can provide the plaintiffs involved with damages, which is compensation for the losses that they have sustained. In addition to medical expenses, this may include compensation for lost wages, physical pain, and emotional distress. If the victims died because of the accident, their loved ones can also recover losses such as the loss of inheritance, the loss of consortium, and funeral and burial expenses.

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Even though evolution has equipped humans with a thick skull which is meant to protect the soft tissue of the brain from damage, traumatic brain injuries still occur regularly. Accidents which regularly cause brain damage may include:philadelphia skyline including fishtown

  • car accidents
  • work accidents
  • construction accidents
  • slip and falls

But the bottom line is, it doesn’t matter what kind of accident resulted in brain damage, if negligence contributed to the accident, the victims may be able to recover compensation by filing a lawsuit.

Negligence occurs when one party behaves in a way which doesn’t keep others around them safe. For example, if the accident was a car accident, another driver may have been negligent by driving drunk, while exhausted, speeding, talking on the phone or texting.

If you believe your injury or a loved one’s injury was caused by negligence, call our law firm now to learn more about how we can help you get the compensation that you need.

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